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Mrs. Nash's Kindergarten Class is learning about magnetic fields from Mrs. Shea's center.

Burnsville Elementary Biome Day

Burnsville students have been preparing for Biome day by using it as a learning unit for the whole nine weeks. Biome day was a fun learning day for all Burnsville students. All students were able to participate by going through multiple learning centers. The Biomes were as follows: Tundra, Grasslands, Oceans, Rainforest, Jungle, Desert, Deciduous Forest, and the Savanna. This gave all students the opportunity to learn about each Biome and various animal habitats throughout the world.
Our Principals Rock!

Awesome Principals at Burnsville School!

Mrs. McCalmon and Mr. Cooper accepted a challenge that the students presented to them. If we became a “B” School, then they had to dye their hair the school colors. Needless to say, the test scores are in, and we’re a “B” school!

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