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Burnsville Elementary Biome Day

Burnsville students have been preparing for Biome day by using it as a learning unit for the whole nine weeks. Biome day was a fun learning day for all Burnsville students. All students were able to participate by going through multiple learning centers. The Biomes were as follows: Tundra, Grasslands, Oceans, Rainforest, Jungle, Desert, Deciduous Forest, and the Savanna. This gave all students the opportunity to learn about each Biome and various animal habitats throughout the world.
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Awesome Principals at Burnsville School!

Mrs. McCalmon and Mr. Cooper accepted a challenge that the students presented to them. If we became a “B” School, then they had to dye their hair the school colors. Needless to say, the test scores are in, and we’re a “B” school!
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